Rigel Medical Testing Devices Ensure Electro-Medical Devices Stay Safe

It may not be the sexiest subject we’ve ever covered, but if you’re a medical practitioner you will probably have encountered devices the accuracy, function and indeed safety you have questioned. Rigel Medical is one of those medical companies that medics will likely never have heard of, but who provide vital solutions to the challenge of keeping electromedical devices compliant and safe for use.

Anyway, the UK based company has now announced that Carl Zeiss Ltd, a global market leader in precision optics and engineering technology, has specified the Rigel Medical 62353 medical safety analyser to comply with IEC 62353, the standard for in-service and after repair testing of medical electronic devices. This move has led to improvements in the testing of hundreds of electrically powered operating microscopes and ophthalmic diagnostic devices which Carl Zeiss supplies and supports throughout the UK to the NHS trusts, private hospitals and high street optometrists.

Rigel Medical claims to have been the first company to produce a dedicated electrical safety analyser to meet the IEC601 requirements and states that; “As an established and respected producer of safety analysers, our products offer the latest technologies such as incorporating Bluetooth and RFID capability, whilst our latest medical safety analyser is using a new test method to accurately measure earth / ground bond resistance at lower currents.”

I think we can save you the rest, but safe to say it’s good news that the invisible industry behind your everyday equipment is staying ahead of the game and providing solutions and services which mean you should never again wonder whether you dare press the “on” switch.

The Rigel press release can be found here.

Source: Rigel Medical