Smallest, Lightest, Quietest, Durable Insulin Pump Gains CE Mark


Israeli diabetes products company D. Medical Industries Ltd. today announced that the Company, through its wholly owned subsidiary Spring Health Solution Ltd., received a CE Mark approval for its Spring™ Zone Insulin Delivery System. “Spring Zone” replaces D. Medical’s first generation Spring ADI insulin pump.The company is engaged through its subsidiaries in the research, development, manufacture and sale of innovative products for diabetes treatment and drug delivery,

Intellispring™ technology

The company claims that its proprietary Intellispring™ technology at the heart of the “Spring Zone” Insulin Delivery System results in unique performance advantages such as superior blockage and detachment detection, environmental (pressure and temperature) adaptability and continuous insulin dose delivery check. This mechanism, backed by the Total Line Control™ (TLC) safety check system, enables failsafe operation and exceptional reliability for continuously controlled and monitored insulin delivery.

Other key design features that differentiate the Spring Zone from all other models on the market make it the smallest, lightest and quietest durable insulin pump.

Company comments

Hezkiah Tsoory, D. Medical’s Chief Operating Officer, commented: “The CE Mark approval is an important milestone that comes at the perfect time, just as the company is looking for a worldwide partner with whom to commercialise its pump technology. We continue gaining ground with European and North American market acceptance of the Spring Universal Infusion Set. Our accomplishments in refining and scaling our manufacturing capacity, as well as widening the distribution channels, will pave the way for our next round of innovations.”

About D. Medical

D. Medical has developed durable and semi-disposable insulin pumps, which continuously infuse insulin into a patient’s body, using its proprietary spring-based delivery technology. D. Medical believes that its spring- based delivery mechanism is cost-effective compared to the motor and gear train mechanisms that drive competitive insulin pumps and also allows it to incorporate certain advantageous functions and design features in its insulin pumps. D. Medical has also developed an infusion set for insulin pumps and is focusing its research and development efforts on the development of next generation insulin pumps and a device that will combine a continuous glucose monitoring system and an insulin pump on the same patch.

Source: D. Medical