Spinal USA upbeat press release

Spinal USA LLC has issued the following upbeat message about its prospects:
Spinal USA, LLC is lowering the cost of health care while creating U.S. manufacturing jobs and making state-of-the-art medical implants to help spinal surgery patients both in the United States and abroad.

On any given day, approximately 31 million Americans experience back pain, with the elderly particularly hard hit by this degenerative disorder. With the number of Americans aged 65 and over expected to more than double to 89 million by 2050, it is clear that the treatment of back pain is going to play an ever-increasing role in the American health care landscape.

Options for treating chronic back pain, and the related costs, will be an increasingly important health care story in the coming years as millions of Americans look to the medical community for back pain relief as well as additional years of pain-free mobility.

Spinal surgery has long been a treatment of choice for patients who have found that other therapies simply do not alleviate their suffering. Treating these patients while keeping costs under control is a critical challenge for the medical community, and it is one that Spinal USA is addressing head on.

Spinal USA has created over 25 new jobs in Pearl, Mississippi and has nearly doubled its overall workforce since June, 2010. The company anticipates further U.S. job creation in the coming year.

“Mississippi and Alabama are business-friendly environments that have welcomed our innovative workforce and we want to do our part to see their economies flourish,” said James Pastena, spine industry veteran and President and CEO of Spinal USA.

Spinal USA employs more than 55 team members primarily in Pearl, Mississippi, where it manufactures its spinal surgery implant products.

“We manufacture our devices in Pearl or use U.S. based suppliers that are certified by our Quality Control specialists and the government agencies that regulate and monitor the manufacture of surgical devices. We see this as a winning strategy to cut medical costs and grow the local economies around our facilities,” he added.

Spinal USA provides innovative, quality spinal therapy products, designed to help treat serious medical conditions, at a reduced cost to our healthcare system and patient community. With health care costs rising throughout the United States, Spinal USA is offering cost-control solutions in the spinal care field. “With the aging of the Baby Boom generation, the number of patients suffering from chronic back pain is increasing steadily. We need to provide products to help treat these patients, but we need to find innovative ways to do so that keep medical costs under control. That’s what Spinal USA is doing,” said Pastena.

Spinal USA plans to continue expanding operations in the coming months.

Source: Spinal USA