New Report Examines Future Atrial Fibrillation Treatment Technologies

In short

UK based Cambridge Design Partnership LLP describes itself as a combination of engineering talent and business acumen, the result being provision of creative technical consulting services for the medical, consumer and cleantech sectors. The company has announced the completion of a research project to identify the future of medical technology to treat Atrial Fibrillation.


Cambridge Design Partnership says its report is designed to explore the emerging technologies that will lead to innovation in the field of atrial fibrillation treatment, and says it provides an unparalleled resource for organisations looking to develop treatments.

Atrial fibrillation affects up to 7 million people in Western Europe and the United States alone and has seen a 66%increase in associated hospital admissions in the last 20 years, a figure projected to grow over the coming decades.

The full press release including access to an executive summary of the report can be found here.

Report summary

In recent times there has been a shift from invasive open heart surgery towards less-invasive treatments using ablation catheters, with Radio Frequency (RF) ablation being the leading method.

Drawing on a cross-section of top industry and clinical figures including leading electrophysiologists, as well as its own extensive experience in designing medical products, Cambridge Design Partnership’s report describes the future of ablation catheter technology as a means of treatment.

It deals comprehensively and expertly with a wide range of subjects, from fluidics, through thermal management and the monitoring of lesion formation. Cambridge Design Partnership has been able to compile a comprehensive review of current solutions and identify future technologies that will form the fundamental drivers in this growing market.

Investigator comments 

Dr Keith Turner, Partner, Cambridge Design Partnership commented, “This is a hugely important area in medical development. The market is competing to create more effective ablation catheters and so the ability to identify inspired engineering solutions and implement them rapidly into new products is essential. The part I find most fascinating is hearing the views of the electrophysiologists on each of the new technologies currently under development because it implies that certain projects need a change of direction if they are to provide a return on investment. The report should prove interesting reading for senior strategic marketing and R&D managers who are directing these programmes. As a result of this research we are now in a position to help accelerate the progress of these vitally important technologies and offer companies a true insight into the needs of the experts on the front line who are treating this condition.”

Report availability

The full report entitled ‘The future of AF ablation catheter technologies’ is available to interested parties on request. To request a copy please contact Dr Keith Turner at Cambridge Design Partnership on +44 (0)1223 264428 or by e-mail at

Source: Cambridge Design Partnership LLP., Business Wire