KARL STORZ Adds High-Definition H3-M COVIEW™ Microscopy Camera Heads to its IMAGE 1™ Platform

El Segundo, CA (April 27, 2011) – KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America, Inc., a leader in diagnostic and operative minimally invasive endoscopic technology, has launched a second-generation of high-definition (HD) camera heads for use in all surgical microscopy applications. As one of the latest additions to the KARL STORZ IMAGE 1™ FULL HD platform, the new H3-M COVIEW™ Microscopy Camera Head provides state-of-the-art 1080p resolution, giving members of the surgical team an ideal high-definition view of the surgical field, comparable to the quality of image the surgeon sees through the surgical microscope.
“Using the new camera head, assistants, nurses and students can see HD video images that have the same clarity as the surgeon sees,” says Dr. Georg Weiss, Executive Director Microscopy, KARL STORZ, Tuttlingen, Germany. “Every part of the video chain, from the camera system to the monitor, provides exceptional resolution and color reproduction, with outstanding performance.”

The lightweight, small-profile design of the new H3-M COVIEW™ camera head only minimally affects the microscope balance, and the removable camera head cable can be routed through the microscope swing arm or ceiling tiles. User-definable specialty presets allow as many as eight custom camera settings. The H3-M COVIEW™ is completely compatible with the IMAGE 1 HUB™ CCU, which means that only a single CCU is needed for both microscopic and endoscopic procedures. Its SCB capability allows the full integration of the COVIEW™ into the OR1™ instrument chain.

“The H3-M COVIEW™ truly is more than a camera. It’s a system,” says Dr. Weiss. “It offers a range of features that have been optimized for the specific requirements of surgical microscopy.”

In addition to an automatic white balance function, the H3-M COVIEW™ allows manual setting of white balance for application-specific color correction. And, enhanced exposure control provides four gain settings to ensure optimized camera sensitivity when the camera head is used in low light settings.

And, with HD solutions for all surgical microscopes, KARL STORZ offers a number of significant benefits for users: only one investment into a HD camera control unit, only one investment into a HD monitor, only one investment into documentation
(AIDA HD Connect), saves on learning time by learning only one imaging system, and only one contact person for imaging in the OR.

Adaptability is provided by the use of QUINTUS™ TV adapters that allow connection of surgical microscopes from the three major makers of those devices, including Carl Zeiss Meditec, Leica Microsystems and Moeller Wedel. The adaptors help simplify installation of the H3-M COVIEW™ cameras on surgical microscopes. Additionally, a rotatable C-mount clutch mechanism also provides proper orientation, and iris and focus controls ensure image sharpness of the image on the monitor.

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