New Shorter symphonX™ Single Port Surgery Instruments Launched

Fortimedix Surgical announces the U.S. launch of its “symphonX™ Instruments short” product line extension. The shorter instruments deliver ease of use for surgeons where the action is closer to hand.


symphonX appeared on our pages less than a month ago when Fortimedix Surgical told us about results of its transanal colon resection study. The system is the world’s lowest profile single-port surgery solution for use in minimally invasive abdominal laparoscopic surgery. The portfolio includes various products for grasping, mobilizing, dissecting, retracting, cutting, cauterizing, ligating, and suction/irrigation of tissues and vessels.

With this line extension, these different types of instruments are now available in a short version that broadens applicability of the line to differing circumstances.

Company comments

“This product line extension was developed in response to surgeon feedback,” said David Castiglioni, Vice President Sales of Fortimedix Surgical. “We have used these shorter instruments during cholecystectomy, inguinal hernia repair and several gynecologic procedures including tubal sterilization and ovarian cyst treatment with positive results, confirming the versatility of the platform across surgical specialties. The launch of symphonX™ Instruments short signifies a substantial milestone as we continue to execute on our strategy to establish broad based market adoption of symphonX™ and elevate the standard of care in laparoscopy.”


Source: Globe Newswire

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