Brexit “Ups the Stakes” as MEDICA Sees Strong UK Medtech Representation

UK Lifesciences industry body the ABHI is taking 120 UK companies to MEDICA 2017.


The Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI) says the UK MedTech industry’s interest in MEDICA highlights the desire within the UK to forge deeper, more sustainable trading relationships as the country navigates its departure from the EU.

The MedTech sector is worth over £17 billion to the UK and is part of a £64 billion Life Sciences industry. Healthcare industry’s annual expo offers a global platform for companies showcasing their innovative technologies.

The event has always provided a focal point for companies to press the flesh with their distributors and buyers from around the world. Now though, MEDICA has taken on further significance as the UK enters a new era for trade and business. Indeed the UK government has highlighted MedTech, and the broader Life Sciences sector, as having a critical role in its Industrial Strategy to propel UK productivity once it leaves the EU.

Industry body the ABHI has been instrumental in several initiatives, most recently re-running its successful mission to Texas, all of which has been designed to give UK MedTech companies a platform many would find difficult to replicate under their own steam.

In recognition of the benefits of two-way collaboration the ABHI is also keen to help international companies wanting to do business within the UK. In particular, international membership has been set up to help global companies wishing to partner with their British counterparts.

ABHI comments

About MEDICA, Paul Benton, Managing Director of International at ABHI, said: “The UK is open for business and is keen to forge global healthcare links. With 120 companies exhibiting, we are delighted that the UK Pavilion is at its capacity. The technology on show is a wonderful expression of what the industry has to offer in providing value-based healthcare solutions for patients across the globe.”

Source: ABHI




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