Exploding mHealth. Dept Of Health Asks You To Rate The Apps You Use

UK’s Department of Health has posed an interesting question by asking us which apps we’re already using. In the article, which is here, a simply staggering array of currently available medical apps is displayed. In fact the list extends to 118 items and covers everything from educational materials to diagnostic tools to “empowering” tools to provide patients with some form of voice about the delivery of medical services in their area.

Highlights? Well, where to start?

What about “Wellnote” developed by Professor Ara Darzi no less, which encourages patients to rate the quality of care they receive.

Or DASH II, which allows clinicians to input the clinical details of a stroke patient and formulate a graphical risk presentation showing the predicted likelihood of recovery, moderate or severe disability, or death with or without thrombolysis.

Or Points Acupuncture, which tells you where to stick the needles.

Or even Moodscope, which according to the poll is looking like a winner. According to the blurb “Moodscope is a ‘website-based-app’ which formsĀ an easy and innovative way to measure, track and record comments on your state of mind, allowing you to see what things in life bring you up/down. Your results can be sent to friends and carers, alerting them if you’re down. The process of self-measuring in this way in itself seems to help self-awareness, maintenance of balance, and recovery. The daily email brings interesting tips and thoughts, and the very helpful culture and tone of Moodscope; friendly, caring, gentle, positive – and very consistent.”

And finally, at number 56, iAmAboutToPuke, the app that tells you when you’ve had just enough to drink… Ok we made that one up.

Source: Department of Health Idea Factory