UK Industry Body Medilink Taps In To Telehealth Drive

Med-Tech Innovation has covered this week’s announcement on the Department of Health’s successful telehealth and telecare trials.

“Today’s announcement by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, sets the stage for telehealth and telecare technologies to be made available to every person with a long term condition or in need of care in the UK,” said Medilink UK Chair Tony Davis

The trials were the largest randomised control trial of telehealth and telecare services in the world and the results have revealed that patient experience and healthcare outcomes are improved, while cost is reduced. These peer-reviewed results answer the NHS’s call for evidence, so it now has the opportunity to re-think the way it organises care services to make them better and more efficient and ensure national take-up of these technologies.

In direct response to the Government’s call for greater use of telecare and telehealth devices, the UK’s first specialist retail website promoting technology for health care,, is launched today by the West Midlands-based health technology specialist Medilink. Members of the public will be able to browse and buy the latest telehealth and telecare equipment online in what is quite a departure for an industry body.

“These results are exactly what those of us in the industry were expecting, and we’re ready to meet demand.  The launch of gives the public a chance to understand how useful and important this equipment will be, see how much is already available, and try it for themselves,” added Tony Davis.

“Medilink UK has been working with industry, other trade associations and the Department of Health to accelerate the roll-out of telehealth and telecare services in the NHS and social care, which will enhance the lives of three million people over the next five years. We will be encouraging all our members in the telehealth and telecare markets to sign up and get involved. Every business in this sector must use this opportunity to work with the NHS and social care providers to ensure these technologies are available and in use across the country within five years.”

Source: Med-Tech Innovation