Light with Integrated Camera Sets Brandon Medical’s Symposia® Telemedicine System Apart

UK-based Brandon Medical is touting its Symposia® Telemedicine System, an audio-visual communications platform connecting medical professionals to a range of AV resources which can be accessed immediately from any location.


Telemedicine is a modern day buzzword, referring to the use of telecommunications and information technologies to provide healthcare from a distance. As such it provides an efficient system for consultation of live procedures, saving clinician’s time and hospital resources.

It also applies as an educational tool, providing medical professionals the ability to interact live with surgeons during procedures. Brandon Medical tells us its Symposia® telemedicine system is a tool for knowledge sharing, including surgical skills best practice, tele-monitoring, medical lectures and communications between multi-disciplinary teams.

Brandon Medical is best known for its state-of-the art surgical lighting solutions. Indeed the Symposia® AV system incorporates the company’s new Quasar eLite operating theatre light, featuring fully integrated HD-SDI video cameras.

Forming the heart of the modern digital operating room, Brandon Medical has paid particular attention to video integration in the design of the new light. Quasar® eLite is the first OR light which incorporates HD cameras and zoom controls embedded within the slim lamp head. This obviates the need for excessively large handles whilst retaining the camera position directly above the patient. This gives clinicians viewing live procedures or students studying video footage an accurate view of what is happening at the operating table. Quasar® eLite provides a stunningly accurate view of procedures and offers full camera recording capabilities as standard.

Physician comments

Professor Griffiths of Coventry & Warwickshire Teaching Hospital’s commented:

“Here at UHCW we have benefited from smarter, rapid, and easy working by interlinking users. Symposia® has become a platform for communication between the University and hospital. The uses for training alone include tele-mentoring, tele-monitoring trainees during live surgery, medical lectures, seminars and training rooms, all of which are essential in improving the quality of teaching.”

Source: Brandon Medical Ltd.

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