US Cancer Therapy Provider Elects to Adopt Elekta as Complete Solution

Radiation therapy products from Elekta are to be adopted by a US cancer care service as the complete solution for its radiation oncology needs, says the company.


Established in 2015, The Alliance for Cancer Care brings together the best caregivers, resources and technology from Providence Health Care, Kootenai Health and Cancer Care Northwest. The organisation’s stated mission and vision is to provide world-class and comprehensive cancer care to patients in Spokane (Washington), Coeur d’Alene (Idaho) and throughout the Inland Pacific Northwest.

The Alliance is to replace all other radiation therapy products and services with Elekta hardware and software will at its seven radiation therapy facilities.

The provider will now be able to offer its patients the most advanced technologies across the spectrum of radiation therapy, including stereotactic radiosurgery, stereotactic body radiation therapy and brachytherapy.

The suite of Elekta solutions being implemented at The Alliance’s sites enables more precise treatments through the use of highest-quality imaging that can account for potential motion of the patient or the tumor during treatment. Increased precision allows for the use of higher radiation doses while protecting normal tissue, reducing treatment times to just a few minutes per session, which is significantly less time than needed for conventional radiation therapy devices. Importantly, all of Elekta’s radiotherapy devices are equipped with tools that allow treatment to be tailored to the specific types of cancers, enabling personalized radiation therapy.

Healthcare Provider comments

“After evaluating multiple radiation oncology hardware and software options, it became clear that Elekta shares our commitment to making leading-edge technology safe, effective and broadly available to individuals with cancer and brain disease,” said Aaron Wagner, MD, Director of Radiation Oncology, Medical Director of the Alliance for Cancer Care, Cancer Care Northwest. “Through their flexibility in designing a complete hardware and software package customized to the needs of our patients and facilities, Elekta demonstrated their desire to be our long-term partner in making the most advanced radiation treatment systems available to our patients. Their customer-centric training and support services have enabled a smooth transition to Elekta products.”

Company comments

“We do not innovate in a vacuum – Elekta collaborates closely with our customers to create the solutions they need to treat patients more effectively, precisely and efficiently. Our goal is to help them improve, prolong and save the lives of as many patients as possible,” said Peter Gaccione, EVP Region North America at Elekta. “The Alliance’s commitment to providing patients with world-class care close to home is entirely aligned with the ideals and objectives of Elekta. We look forward to a long and productive relationship that meets The Alliance’s clinical and operational needs.”

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