joimax® Takes Surgeon Education Very Seriously

In short(ish)

German Minimal Access specialist joimax® has felt the need to issue a release telling us how it’s been up to its elbows in cadavers recently. It’s good to know that training and education forms such a core part of the company’s strategy, but the blow-by-blow account is a bit, well, dare we say, German.


Wolfgang Ries founded joimax® over ten years ago now with the specific goal of developing minimal access devices and techniques  for spinal surgery. The company focuses on development, manufacturing and marketing of the technology and methods for integrated endoscopic surgical access to the spinal column, with optimised visualisation.

The joimax® fully integrated visualisation, documentation and tissue removal technologies enable surgeons to conduct their operations independently in a cost effective manner. With the comprehensive education program which it calls CM3 the company incorporates cadaver workshops, visitations and surgeries accompanied by experienced medical trainers and application specialists.

Oh go on then, tell us all about it.

From April 19th to 20th, 2012 the company held an event in collaboration with the anatomic institute of the University of Heidelberg where  Dr. Carl-Hans Fürstenberg, senior physician at the centre for spinal cord medicine and spine surgery of the University Clinic Heidelberg, talked about anatomy of the lumbar spine, the transforaminal access and suitable indications for less advanced learners.

Dr. Menno Iprenburg from the Dutch Rugkliniek Iprenburg demonstrated the transforaminal approach step by step. The true potential of this method was illustrated by Dr. Ralf Wagner from the Ligamenta Spine Center in Frankfurt with the presentation of some of his most complex cases. The theory session was completed by some recommendations on anesthesia and especially on analgosedation by Dr. Alexander Godschalx from Deurze in the Netherlands.

CEO and joimax® founder Wolfgang Ries gave a short outline on future developments in endoscopic spine surgery – a field that belongs to the core competences of joimax® as one of the market leaders.

Guided by experienced instructors, the 12 international participants were able to intensively try and train the minimally invasive joimax® techniques on three cadavers during the hands-on session.

And there’s more?

The second workshop for this month is currently taking place at the MEDucation Medical Training Center, Mülheim/Ruhr in Germany. This workshop is exclusively held for a Chinese group of physicians. The top delegation of 17 spine specialists from China participate at the company’s well known three-step education program. They have visited different German and Dutch clinics for visitations with the experienced joimax® faculty members.

Back to Mülheim/Ruhr they will be able to instantaneously practice the joimax® access and treatment methods in the cadaver lab. Talks of the joimax® reference surgeons Dr. Michael Schubert, Munich, and Dr. Guntram Krzok, Friedrichroda, will complete the program. Both Germany-based physicians have a special relation to Chinese customs and culture due to several lecture tours with live surgeries through China. As the third step of the education program own surgeries “at home” guided by the joimax® faculty team or a joimax® application specialist can be arranged.

“The combination of theory, practice and life surgeries makes this education program truly unique” stated one of the Chinese professors.

The next cadaver workshops will take place in May in Salzburg, Austria and in June in Mainz, Germany.

Source: joimax