Stryker’s AAOS Showcase Offerings

Another marketing department breathes a sigh of relief as AAOS commences. The product literature’s ready, the booth display’s ready, the reps are trained, the press release is out, the website’s updated, the KOLs are lined up to come and talk about what’s new.

After all that work, the least we can do is share Stryker’s new product offerings with you.

New Heavy Duty Power Tools

Built upon 30 years of cordless surgical power tool innovations from Stryker, System 7 offers the latest in advanced cutting technology for large bone surgeries. Inspired by healthcare professionals, System 7 sets a new standard in performance and reliability with design enhancements that make it a precise and dependable solution for surgeons and hospitals.

New Computer Assisted Surgery Technology for Trauma Procedures

The Stryker ADAPT™ System powers FluoroMap™ Software and provides Adaptive Positioning Technology for our Gamma3™ Locking Nail System.

New Media Management Tool

The Studio 3 Media Asset Manager provides a centralised storage solution for the archiving and management of surgical videos and images.

New Products for Spinal Surgery

The ARIA™ Spinal System provides a complete solution for minimally invasive, transpsoas access and spinal implant delivery with an open neuromonitoring strategy. In addition, the AVS® Anchor-C Cervical Cage System is designed for anterior cervical fusion procedures in skeletally mature patients, featuring an integrated design that allows for rigid screw fixation without any added anterior profile.

New Total Shoulder Arthroplasty System

The ReUnion® TSA (Total Shoulder Arthroplasty) Modular System leverages revolutionary implant technology and thoughtfully designed instrumentation to deliver the next generation in total shoulder arthroplasty systems, featuring the first highly crosslinked polyethylene (X3) glenoids on the market.(1)

New Performance Solutions

The Performance Solutions division delivers services and systems that enable healthcare providers to achieve their clinical, operational and financial performance goals. These services and systems include Marshall Steele’s implementation capabilities for building Destinations of Superior Performance.

Source: Stryker, PR Newswire, medlatest staff