New Backstop® Gel Stops Stone Migration In Urologic Procedures

“I have found that using BackStop Gel in the ureter helps prevent the migration of stones and increases the success rate of stone removal”

In short

Boston Scientific Corporation has unveiled its BackStop® Gel, a new technology designed to prevent stone migration during procedures used to break up and retrieve urinary stones. Backstop Gel is manufactured for Boston Scientific by Pluromed and is based on the same principle as Pluromed’s LeGoo® vascular occlusion gel, namely the temporary occlusion of a vessel in order to permit what we’ll call “downstream” treatment to be performed without complication. In this case the gel plug prevents retrograde migration of urinary stones during lithotripsy.


Stone migration is a common clinical challenge faced during stone extraction and can result in increased procedure time, lower stone-free rates and increased need for secondary procedures.

BackStop Gel is a water-soluble polymer that urologists inject into the ureter to form a plug behind the stone, preventing migration of stone fragments of all sizes.  The BackStop Gel is placed with a catheter, which is then removed to free up space in the operative field.

According to a company press release, unlike prior generations of antiretropulsion devices, BackStop Gel is designed without mechanical components which may be susceptible to damage from devices used to fragment the stone. Upon completion of the procedure, the BackStop Gel is designed to dissolve with conventional irrigation.

Boston Scientific entered into a worldwide distribution agreement with Pluromed for its Backstop Gel in late 2009. As recently  as two weeks ago we covered the announcement that it is being acquired by another healthcare giant, Sanofi.

Clinician comments

“I have found that using BackStop Gel in the ureter helps prevent the migration of stones and increases the success rate of stone removal,” said Dianne Sacco, M.D., Director of Kidney Stone Program, Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. “This product provides a non-traumatic plug, which enhances the use of lithotripsy devices to successfully fragment and retrieve stones.”

Company comments

“We are focused on offering minimally invasive and cost-effective medical devices that improve patient outcomes,” said Michael Phalen, Executive Vice President and President of the Boston Scientific MedSurg Division. “The BackStop Gel demonstrates this focus by providing a clinically effective method for urologists to manage the common problem of stone migration during treatment procedures.”


Boston Scientific is now marketing the product in the U.S. and select international markets.

Source: Boston Scientific, PR Newswire