Veniti(TM) Hopes Newly CE Marked Vici(TM) Venous Stent Will Conquer Venous Obstruction

Veniti™, Inc., has received approval to CE Mark the Veniti Vici™ Venous Stent, specifically designed for the treatment of venous obstruction. In addition, the company received CE Mark approval for their varicose vein ablation product, the Veniti Veni™ RF Plus Ablation System.


Ah, hints of a classical education here, or has someone been watching quiz shows. Elegantly titled Veniti, Inc. has three strands to its strategic assault on venous conditions. So, why not go with Veni Vidi Vici…I came, I saw, I conquered. Not sure whether it’s the devices or the vascular specialist who’s achievements are being aligned with Julius Caesar, but it’s a bit of fun in an otherwise dull world of medical device nomenclature.

So the products in question are Veni (RF ablation system), Vidi (Vena Cava filter) and Vici (Venous Stent).

The newly CE marked Vici Venous Stent (pictured) is the first stent designed and intended from its inception as a dedicated venous stent. The company believes the stent’s unique combination of end-to-end crush resistance, flexibility and continuous vein wall coverage make the Vici Venous Stent particularly well-suited for treating iliofemoral venous obstruction.

With CE mark under its belt the company is seeking U.S. FDA approval to begin clinical studies of the stent in the United States.

The Veni RF Plus Ablation System, also newly CE marked, is a patented system for heating saline to vapor and utilizing the phase change energy to ablate varicose veins. Veniti’s press release says that using steam in the ablation process eliminates the need to compress the vein around the heat source, and provides nominal application of energy.

Company comments

Scott Solano, Veniti President and Chief Executive Officer said; “After many years of using re-purposed arterial stents to treat this serious disease that affects so many people, we are excited to offer physicians a stent designed specifically for iliofemoral venous obstruction,” noted Solano. “We are eager to demonstrate the Vici Venous Stent advantages to physicians and to provide them with a venous-specific stent.”

Source:  Veniti, Inc., Globe Newswire