App Boost for BioTech Businesses

Berlin-based Biotech networking company A-LabInsider has created an app that is a resource listing all academic life science labs in Europe.

A-LabInsider aims to plug a perceived information gap with its new app. With the abundance of academic labs being twice as much as biotech SMEs, it can be time-consuming and tedious to search manually for relevant information by searching websites and scientific literature. The A-LabInsider app means SMEs can make their decisions about the right labs to talk to. It promises to take away the discovery problem from biotech SMEs and even more makes it easier to follow up with those that are relevant.

The concept is a centralised resource through which biotech SMEs can find academic labs. The app derives its information from the content of available online resources such as websites and scientific literature. Additionally it monitors new labs, gains lead generation and market intelligence to get an overview and benchmark lab performance to establish best fit. The aim is to make it easier for small and medium biotech companies to discover labs and do business with them. As such the app is the “market watch” on academic life science labs and will be updated with a new information arising daily.

The app aims to positively affect how both sides connect and boost businesses of each other. It also provides SMEs with the low-cost functions that are normally provided to enterprises, but at a more reasonable and affordable price.

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