UK MHRA Issues Guidance On Vaginal Tape And Mesh Implants

It’s an old story which still resonates, the sorry tale of problems with these products. To try and wrap the state  of play up into a single document for consumption by surgeons in the NHS, UK competent authority, the MHRA has issued this document with links to useful sources of information and support.

MHRA comments

Dr Susanne Ludgate, Clinical Director for Medical Devices at the MHRA, said; “We listened to and understand the concerns that many women have about vaginal tapes and meshes. That is why we commissioned research to review the available literature on the safety and adverse effects associated with these products. Whilst a small number of women have experienced distressing effects, the current evidence shows that when these products are used correctly they can help with the very distressing symptoms of these conditions and as such the benefits still outweigh the risks.”

Source: MHRA