EndoBarrier® Works. New Collaborations Might Explain How.

In short

EndoBarrier®, from GI Dynamics is a fairly frequent visitor to our pages (just pop the word in the search box, right). Now the company has  announced that it has entered into separate research collaborations with GlaxoSmithKline and Medtronic in an effort to understanding how EndoBarrier works in relation to diabetes.


EndoBarrier is a thin, flexible, tube-shaped liner that forms a physical barrier between food and a portion of the wall of the intestine. In 13 clinical studies involving more than 500 patients, EndoBarrier has been shown to achieve rapid reductions in blood sugar levels and weight loss of approximately 20 percent in 12 months.

The collaborative work announced at this time will look at how implantation of an EndoBarrier sleeve in its target location impacts continuous glucose levels (Medtronic) and evaluate hormonal changes (GSK). In so doing the company says it hopes to further characterise the mechanism of action (MOA) of the EndoBarrier.

That’s about as much detail as they’re providing at this time, the rest being confidential.

Company comments

“We are pleased to be collaborating with two of the world’s leading diabetes development companies – Medtronic in the device segment and GSK in the pharmaceutical sector,” stated Andy Levine, founder and chief technology officer of GI Dynamics. “We expect these collaborations will lead to a better understanding of the MOA of EndoBarrier and may lead to improvements in the device, as well as potential combinations of drug treatment and EndoBarrier Therapy to optimize patient outcomes.”

Regulatory status

EndoBarrier received CE Mark approval in 2010 in Europe, and approval by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia in 2011 for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and/or obesity for up to 12 months. It is considered an investigational new device in the United States.

Source: GI Dynamics, Inc.