TAVI: Edwards Counters Researchers’ Claims

Edwards Lifesciences was not likely to let a BMJ article go unanswered, so it’s unsurprising to see the purveyor of the Sapien transcatheter valve issuing a stout defence of the clinical evidence behind its baby. But as a clinician, what are you supposed to do?… wait until the body of evidence is so significant as to be incontrovertible, or use your own judgement within the confines of regulatory approval?

Edwards’Q2 Sales Growth Driven Entirely By Sapien

Edwards Lifesciences Corporation has released its second quarter financial results which are, on face value, bucking the trend by showing sales growth of almost 16% (albeit excluding currency impact) to $482m compared with the equivalent period last year. Closer examination reveals that growth is almost exclusively related to the company’s Sapien transcatheter heart valve, launched in U.S and seeing continued growth internationally.