PREVENT Study Indicates Potential for Reduced Risk of Adverse Clinical Outcomes with Enhanced BIOTRONIK Pacemaker Algorithm

Biotronik PREVENT study indicates lower percent of right ventricular pacing (%VP) correlates with less risk of heart failure (HF) hospitalization, mortality and atrial fibrillation (AF)

MitraClip less effective than Mitral Valve Surgery: “Heart Team” approach recommended

The results of the first randomised controlled trial comparing percutaneous mitral valve repair against conventional mitral valve surgery suggests the short term advantages of the technique may be outweighed by inferior long term results compared with conventional surgery.

Covidien Announces Patient Enrollment is Complete in Parietex ProGrip(TM) Self-Fixating Mesh Inguinal Hernia Repair Study

Covidien has announced the completion of enrollment of 600 patients in its post-marketing study comparing outcomes of inguinal hernia repair with self-fixating mesh to gold-standard repair technique using sutures