Happtique Launches mRx™ Pilot Program

Happtique, a mobile health application store and total app management solution, today announced the commencement of its pilot program of mRx, Happtique’s patent-pending solution that enables physicians and other health practitioners to electronically prescribe medical, health, and fitness apps to their patients.

New Remote Monitoring System Cuts Cardio Patient Wait From 84 Minutes To Under 15 Minutes Says Medtronic

Medtronic’s CareLink Express monitor, compatible with almost all Medtronic ICDs, CRT devices, ICMs and pacemakers, “interrogates” implanted Medtronic cardiac devices. In so doing it shortcuts repeated tests and the need for on site specialists, in so doing reducing delays and increasing efficiency…. at least for Medtronic implantees.

First EU Patient For Boston’s Latitude™ NXT Remote Patient Management System

Boston Scientific Corporation has announced a significant milestone for its telemonitoring technology with the initial use of the Latitude NXT Remote Patient Management System for pacemaker patients in Europe. The company says its next-generation wireless remote patient management system enables physicians to risk-stratify patients and more confidently make treatment decisions.

FDA Clears InTouch’s Remote Presence Telemedicine Devices For Active Patient Monitoring

California’s InTouch Health has announced that it has received FDA 510(k) clearance with expanded indications for use for its Remote Presence devices. The range is now approved for active patient monitoring rather than a medical device data system, thereby exemplifying the FDA’s new approach to telemedicine device classification.