Consumers Union Ad Timed To Coincide With Senate Vote On FDA User Fee Act

Consumers union is bent on regulatory tightening and even resorting to print ads in its quest to convince Joe Public that the evil medical device manufacturers are trying to harm him. One wonders whether they have the right objective in mind though because the regulatory regime they might end up with could actually stifle innovation and be more harm to Joe Public than the present set-up.

US Device Tax: Looking For Beneficiaries Is Like Playing “Where’s Waldo?”

Following last week’s coverage of Joe Hage’s no2point3 campaign, John Eckberg, Cook Medical’s Director of Media Relations has provided us with his own (and presumably Cook’s) view of the matter. It’s no surprise, given Cook’s previous well-expressed vehement antipathy towards the bill, to find the company broadly supportive of the campaign to repeal the act, specifically the medical device company tax levy.

US News Report On Euro-PMA

More coverage of the barmy Eurocrats’ recommendations for new EU medical device legislation. There’s nothing like a good scandal to get politicians chasing votes, and imposing draconian new rules might create more problems than the one they’re designed to address.