Evidence in Medtech: Should Renal Denervation’s Fall from Grace Restore our Faith?

The fallout from Medtronic’s Symplicity HTN-3 Renal Denervation study just keeps coming. This week we’ve even seen one medtech giant pull out of the business, a year after their first sale. We deliberate about what it all means for the regulators and the evidence lobby.

Can Medical Marcomms be in any way Amusing?

Humour and medicine go together like fish and custard, right? This week’s editorial challenges the convention and concludes that for SME’s a bit of humour might set them apart. Done in the best possible taste of course.

Back from the Brink?

The EU parliament’s plenary vote has gone through, with many of the ENVI committee’s proposals left intact. The good bits at least. The plainly bonkers concept of a European “PMA-style” approval process for higher risk devices has seemingly gone.

October 22nd. The Day the Medtech Dies?

Will October 22nd 2013 be remembered as the day medtech died? New EU regulatory rules are likely to be voted in tomorrow, and if they say yes to the whole lot, the consequences for the medical devices industry are likely to be catastrophic. EU patients will be denied the latest technologies in years to come, largely because of a PIP implant scandal which far from characterises the industry.